English for Asians

Learning English in Lithuania? Why not!
Our professional language instructors speak very clear and understandable English, and are experienced in teaching foreigners. If there is a need, we even provide teachers who explain in Japanese or Chinese for your convenience. You can experience and master English together with us. We provide individual lessons starting from the basics. You can have your classes in Kaunas or Vilnius, but we also teach via distant learning and can reach you at any place of the world.


Courses are delivered by qualified English language instructors.

Languages of instruction

English (with minimal explanations in Japanese and Chinese)

Individual and distance learning courses

Time and place is arranged for your convenience. Please contact us regarding the conditions.

Regular courses

Every course consists of 10 weeks, 4 academic hours each​

Schedule of regular courses

Fall: mid October-late December
Winter: mid January-late March
Spring: early April-early June


420 Eur. / person / course
Please contact us about individual lessons.

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