Movie Screening: "Kaunas. City of Sugihara and Japan"

In this documentary movie, the story of Kaunas – Japan bilateral relations is revealed through four personalities who prior the World War II became bridges between the two countries. It is Yukichi Fukuzawa – the first Japanese who mentioned and wrote about Kaunas in his diary. In 1862, together with the mission of 36 Japanese officials he traveled through Lithuania by train and went for a short stroll in Kaunas.
Steponas Kairys is the author of the first Lithuanian books about Japan. In 1905 he was impressed by a small distant country that managed to defeat Russia, a country ten times bigger than his homeland Lithuania. Learning about this, Steponas Kairys inspired Lithuanians to seek independence.
The third person is Matas Šalčius. Even after having visited Japan for a few times, this journalist and traveler decided to reach the distant country from Kaunas once again… on a motorbike.
And finally, the diplomat Chiune Sugihara united both countries in 1940 with his heroic act.

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Bilingual: Japanese-Lithuanian or Japanese-Lithuanian with English subtitles


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60-90 min.

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